Gibson County Ranks Second in Survey

Princeton, IN (January 13, 2016) - A recent study conducted by SmartAsset, a New York financial technical company, has ranked Gibson County as the second best market in Indiana for purchasing a home versus renting. The second annual study compares average rent and home prices in counties across the United States to find the places where buying makes the most sense.

The following chart identifies top 10 rankings in Indiana.

Rank County Breakeven Year Avg. Monthly Mortgage Payment Avg. Monthly Rent Ave. Home Price Rent vs. Buy Index

Warrick, IN

2.0 $469 $985 $115,718 90.5
2 Gibson, IN 2.1 $391 $861 $96,398 90.4
3 Jefferson, IN 2.1 $440 $940 $108,514 90.3
4 Floyd, IN 2.1 $539 $1,086 $133,057 90.3
5 Franklin, IN 2.1 $584 $1,143 $144,018 90.2
6 Posey, IN 2.1 $470 $985 $115,954 89.8
7 Ripley, IN 2.1 $395 $852 $97,537 89.5
8 Daviess, IN 2.2 $437 $923 $107,880 89.3
9 Porter, IN 2.2 $497 $1,080 $122,602 88.4
10 Knox, IN 2.3 $365 $845 $90,145 88.2


B. Todd Mosby, President and CEO of the Gibson County Economic Development Corporation identified the findings and stated a lack of available housing to purchase may be an issue for those who are interested in purchasing. He stated that the Gibson County Economic Development Corporation along with local political leaders are working with several local, regional and national developers to build apartments and housing subdivisions in Gibson County.

Back in October, ZIPPIA named Princeton the third best town with a work-life balance which used shorter commute time to and from work, hours worked per week, size of household, unemployment rate, poverty rate and things to do per capita as their criteria for success.

The Gibson County Economic Development Coporation is a 501 c(3) not-for-profit corporation located at 127 N. Hart Street in Princeton. The Gibson County Economic Development Corporation was formed in 2006 with a mission to coordinate, assist, and advise Gibson County in economic development activities. Visit GCEDC on the web at and on Facebook.


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